Control your lifestyle. Be healthy.

  • Food Ordering

    Food Ordering

    Select from pre-ordering, at-table or delivery options.

  • Health Dashboard

    Health Dashboard

    Track and monitor your health on one app. For free.

  • 1 Million Venues

    1 Million Venues

    Search over 1 million venues around the world.

  • Mood Tracking

    Mood Tracking

    Monitor your mood throughout the day.

  • Meal Logging

    Meal Logging

    Learn about your intake habits by logging your meals.

  • Energy Tracking

    Energy Tracking

    Reach your best with energy tracking.

Food Ordering

Your personalised food ordering app.

With health tracking. For free.

  • Search over 1 million venues from Australia, the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

    Web-Scraped Venues

  • Watch the menu in full-screen videos or in high-definition images from venues.

    Dynamic Videos and Images

  • Order in 3-clicks and select from pre-ordering, at-table or delivery options.

    3-Clicks to Order

  • Take a photo of your meal or upload an earlier image to add to your meal log.

    Meal Logger

  • Track your daily nutritional intake with over 47 micros and macros that responds to your meal log.

    Nutrient Tracker

  • Choose a filter and the app will automatically filter menu-items to your choices.

    Dietary and Allergen Filters

  • Follow the on-app energy tracker to pursue your ideal energy amount per day.

    Energy Tracker

  • Create tasks to meet your health goals with a simple checklist that syncs to your health dashboard.


  • Set your training schedule and use Streamplate to track and monitor your progress.

    Training Planner

  • Open the app, simply click how you are feeling and keep track of how you feel over time.

    Mood Logger

  • Rest better with a sleep tracker that logs your sleep patterns so you can improve downtime.

    Sleep Tracker

  • Find inspiration to stick to a new plan or be motivated to venture to new areas with in-app challenges.


  • Focus when it matters by setting intervals to study at the times you want to by using a timer designed for study.

    Study Timer

  • With no joining or hidden fees, Streamplate just charges 5% per transaction for each order to venues.

    5% Transaction Fees

And for venues...

Serve a lasting impression.

The Orb is a floating payment terminal with tap-and-pay functionality. Customers can simply tap the Orb, or a staff member can bring it to a table. At just $99 and 1.5% per transaction, this is the best valued payment terminal available for venues of all sizes.


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